Solus 4 Released

Solus Linux 4 Released

Solus Linux releases version 4, with the my favorite Budgie desktop manager and kernel 4.20.

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devlx Version 0.0.5 Released

New Release of devlx: v0.0.5

I released a new version (v0.0.5) of devlx today. Note the rename from lxdev due to an existing and similar project.

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Keyboard As Touchpad

This Keyboard Doubles as a Touchpad

I have no idea if it’s comfortable to use, but it sure looks awesome on the website.

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1.0 Release: Sway Tiling Window Manager for Wayland

I love i3 tiling window manager, and its Wayland successor Sway has reached the big 1.0 milestone!

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DTrace On Windows

DTrace on Windows!

This is huge news, DTrace is available on Windows. Big day for debugging.

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