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Microsoft Flow is pretty powerful, and can connect all sorts of data feeds.

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docopt-like command line library for Go

This looks very similar to docopt, and has an interesting implementation. Curious to see it in the wild.

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LLVM 8 Released

LLVM 8 Released, defaults adding Web Assembly support

This is an important milestone for Web Assembly, as the “wasm” targets are included by default with the installation of LLVM 8 now.

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Using Go Modules

Blog post on about using Go modules

This is a nice general overview of how to use modules with Go 1.11 and higher.

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Rsync Time Machine Backup

Rsync Time Machine Backup Script for *nix

I use this backup script to keep a macOS-like TimeMachine backup of my Linux boxes. It’s never failed me in several years of usage.

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